We are Here to Serve our Developing Youth Athletes

Taking Care of Today's Youth Athletes

Today's youth athletes' bodies are under more stress than ever before:

  • More sports to play
  • Longer seasons
  • Overlapping seasons
  • Specialization for particular sports
  • Higher levels of intensity
  • Higher levels of competition
  • Lack of rest/recovery/healing time
  • Lack of rest/recovery/healing programs
  • Lack of true physical fitness development
  • Wide ranging growth & hormone cycles
  • Dramatic changes in muscles, bones & joints

These dynamics can leave today's youth competitors exposed and vulnerable to injuries both immediate and long term. Often they can also actually SLOW DOWN individual physical growth and development along with not allowing the athlete to reach their full potential.

The proven remedy is teaching proper movement to develop safe patterns that:

  • Protect developing joints and muscles
  • Develop the athlete completely, not just "make them fast"
  • Also develop the secondary muscle groups needed (i.e. upper body strength for soccer players, core for baseball players)
  • Build muscle memory to bring proper patterns into game play
  • Prevent injuries while competing
  • Maintain joint & muscle strength in season - often overlooked as when games start physical development usually ends
  • Maintain joint & muscle strength out of season - often not addressed until the first month of the next season and usually done poorly and excessively

Developing these habits early and practicing them consistently will not only prevent injury and improve performance today but also set a foundation for a healthy lifestyle for years to come.