Customer Testimonials

"Bill is a real professional. Our son thoroughly enjoys working with him and has progressed rapidly with speed, strength and proper mechanics & form. The results were apparent in baseball earlier this year and CERTAINLY in this year's football season. We look forward to continuing the program and watching our son grow further as an athlete safely through high school years"

Michele - Plainwell, MI

"My son is a wrestler and football player. Strength, quickness and leverage give him a distinct advantage. Bill's programs have not only helped him become stronger, more powerful, quicker and faster but also were done with proper form and designed to help prevent injuries. I'd highly recommend it for your son/daughter athlete"

Brent - Plainwell, MI

"Having coached for over 10 years and across almost all sports I quickly realized how important programs like this are for young athletes and, myself included, how most youth coaches are simply unaware of how to do so properly. Programs like Bill's are a must for your son/daughter if you wish for them to develop joints, muscles and athletic movement patterns properly...regardless of the sport"

Coach - Plainwell, MI