Strength & Conditioning



Strength is the foundation upon each and every athletic movement.  Strength training for athletes is paramount for proper athletic development.  All of our athletes at ADP Academy will benefit from a structured functional strength training program that is proven to be effective in enhancing sports performance.


  • Strengthens bones and tendons
  • Injury reduction
  • Improved athletic movements ie; Sprint, Jump, swing, change of direction, throw ect
  • Improves posture by strengthening the musculature surrounding the spine
  • Builds useful muscle mass and burns fat


Conditioning aka GPP (General Physical Preparedness) is a vital component of our commitment to appropriately preparing our athletes for the rigors of their respective athletic seasons.

  • Build endurance
  • Physically prepared for the season
  • Increased fitness levels
  • Improving performance: A well-designed program addresses the individual athlete
  • Increasing confidence: a well trained athlete with improved sports performance skills leads to increased confidence during gameplay. Preventing athletic injuries is an important component to any sports conditioning training program. Our well-planned sports conditioning program will help prevent or eliminate muscle imbalances, address flexibility issues, and strengthen the tendons and ligaments, all of which are designed to lead to fewer injuries.  

Strength is the Foundation of all Movements