What is the Mission of ADP Academy?



As young bodies develop, and particularly for those active in athletics, proper movement patterns, muscle and joint development is needed to prevent injury both short and long term.


Sometimes the difference between success and failure in sports is 5%. If of equal talent...the competitor who is slightly faster, stronger and/or has better use & control of their body will win.


We certainly will encourage ADP attendees to excel and fulfill their potential. We will also be sure to teach them about the spirit of competition, humility, and how to win and lose with class.

Healthy Lifestyle

If true health is what is desired then learning the affects of what we put into our bodies will be needed. We will stress the importance of nutrition, diet and hydration.

Confidence Building

Confidence comes from both success and failure. Taking on challenges, failing, learning, succeeding and growing will help ADP students to believe in themselves and not shy away from future hurdles. 

Life Coaching

How to be leaders. How to lead by example. How to be a team player. How to compete with respect for your opponent. How to have class and dignity along the way. All important lessons we can learn from sport and then apply to the rest of our lives. At ADP we will strive to develop fine young men and women...some of which may continue their athletic journey.