Injury Prevention


Establishing a balance between your strength, flexibility, movement patterns, and training is the key to success in any sporting activity, as well as the path to injury prevention. Our bodies are designed to move dynamically in many different planes of motion, but these movement patterns need to be developed at a young age to ensure proper development. This will lead to proper stability and muscle patterns to help prevent injuries. 

At ADP Academy, our athletes learn proper running technique that will improve efficiency while reducing injury.  We have all our athletes learn how to jump and land with proficient technique.  In addition, each athlete will benefit from a functional strength training plan that will prepare their bodies for the rigors of playing sports.  Each training session includes a highly effective dynamic warm-up that adequately prepares the body for intense physical activity.  After each training session, our athletes perform a wide range on cooldown exercises that aid in improving flexibility, and mobility.   

  • Most injuries in young athletes are due to over use-too many games, not enough rest
  • Resistance training strengthens muscles and tendons and reduces athletic injury rates by 68% according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine