One-on-One & Small Group Adult Personal Training


What is ADP Personal Training?

  • It’s not a boot camp designed to beat you to a pulp.
  • It’s not an app or DVD shouting one-size fits all instructions.
  • It’s not beating on drums or learning exotic dance moves.


  • It’s about you, your body, your goals & no one else’s.
  • It’s asking “how are you doing” and having a daily conversation with someone who cares.
  • It’s having the entire facility to just you and your trainer and not getting lost in the crowd.
  • It’s customized programming that works for you and helps you reach your goals.
  • It’s daily adjustments just in case your back is a bit sore.
  • It’s having someone to push you, help you and listen to you.

That’s what ADP Personal Training is.

You know ADP Academy for its high-level athletic development and performance training for athletes of all ages. But did you know that you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from training?

ADP proudly introduces Adult Personal Training - new services to benefit adults of all ages and abilities.

Looking to be less sore after playing with the kids on the playground?

How about adding a few yards to your drive?

Wanting to shed the belly fat that seemed to suddenly appear when you turned 40?

Signing up for a 5K with friends but don’t know where to start?

Still struggling with nagging injuries or unstable joints and want to start to improve your quality of life?

ADP trainers are here for you!

Personal training is about you. An app doesn’t know about your old knee injury and will push those squats ad nauseum. A trainer sees you wince, asks questions, and offers alternatives to achieve leg strength without causing further damage. 

Exercise sessions are tailored to your needs and interests. Hate running? We don’t have to do that. There are many ways to achieve cardiovascular endurance. We’ll push and challenge you in ways that work for you.

Because we know you. No matter your experience, no matter your goals, ADP trainers can guide you throughout your fitness journey. We’ll be there when you reach your goals, and help you dream in ways you never thought possible.